Concrete Pumping

Concrete Pumping

During any construction project, it is crucial that time is managed efficiently, and labour time is not used unnecessarily. An example of this is constantly wheelbarrowing concrete, which can delay the completion of any concrete project, cause inaccuracy, and can quickly cause fatigue for the labourers. Concrete pumping can prevent the need of wheelbarrowing, as it can transport ready-mixed concrete faster than any human pushing a wheelbarrow could, saving labour time, and resulting in better accuracy in your final project.

Concrete pumping is the process of transporting freshly mixed concrete to a specific location on-site with a concrete pump. This could be in a tall building, a below the ground construction project, or simply in a back garden. Whenever a large amount of concrete is required, it is best practice to use a concrete pump. Concrete pumps are attached to trucks for transportation.


A concrete pump is a machine used for transferring wet ready mix concrete or liquid screed to the lay site; there are two types of concrete pump:

Boom pumps use a robotic arm to deliver ready mix concrete and and screed accurately and are popularly used on large popularly used on construction sites due to their ability to pump large volumes of concrete quickly.

Boomless pump, such as our boomless minipump, as the name suggests, lack this robotic arm and instead rely on laying pipes from the vehicle to the lay site. Our minipump is developed it specifically so that it can deliver liquid concrete over 100m vertically as well as 200m horizontally.

Unsure which kind of concrete pump you’ll require for your project in Poole? We’re happy to help!